Monday, June 18, 2018

Hajj & Umrah Packages and Services Available To Choose

Hajj and Umrah are the most important places where every Muslim must visit once in his lifetime. It is important to ensure that the individuals who are visiting Hajj or Umrah are capable both financially and physically since there is no compulsion for every Muslim to visit the pilgrimage. However, the place is having religious significance and also considered to be an optimum way to seek blessings of Allah.

Hajj and Umrah Tours and Packages

Hajj is the most important pilgrimage and Muslims from all around the world want to visit this auspicious place and get blessings of Allah. Due to the religious significance and importance of this place, many government packages are also available for people to choose so that they can perform their rituals at Hajj or Umrah easily with convenience. British Hajj and Umrah services are available for those people who are looking to remember Allah and want to seek their forgiveness. 

To ensure a comfortable travel to the pilgrimage, many agencies have started offering packages and facilities including air fare, accommodation, stay and other facilities. Since the bookings start early therefore it is important to ensure that plan for travel is done in advance and must be customized as per the individual requirement. So what are you waiting for, if you are planning your travel and choose the best Hajj or Umrah packages from your travel agent.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

How to Make Your Hajj and Umrah Travel Convenient?

Hajj and Umrah travel holds prime importance in the life of Muslims. Every Muslim individual makes sure to visit the pilgrimage once in a lifetime. In order to make sure that the travel is completed conveniently without any sort of discomfort, various types of British Hajj and Umrah services are available to choose from. These services are created to provide convenience to travelers and make sure they reach their home safely.


For individuals or families who are looking forward to planning a travel, the very first step to take is approaching a travel agent. These travel agents have various options of packages available, which can be chosen for planning a travel. These packages can be differentiated in terms of budget, amenities etc. Hence it is advisable for each family, individual to scroll through their requirement and accordingly take an informed decision to choose one.


Every package is formulated in a different manner, be in terms of facilities included within it, the number of travelers permitted or the charges. It is always good to inquire about all such factors and then take an informed decision. There are also umrah packages including flights and also the ones which do not include flights at all. It entirely depends on the traveler as to which type one wants to choose.

There are travelers who expect to experience utmost luxury during their travel, for such individuals, it is best if they opt for the most expensive package in the lot. However, for people who don’t have much money to spend, and are okay to settle down in medium facilities they can opt for packages accordingly. 

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Why Book Special Ramadan Packages?

Ramadan is a time when most of the devout Muslims wish to travel to Mecca and Madinah to fulfill their duty and pray humbly to Allah. During this time travel and tour agencies offer special packages for hajj and umrah which have services more than just flight and hotel bookings. Here are a few reasons why booking such special packages is ideal during Ramadan.

Visa Processing and Approvals

The cost of Ramadan umrah packages includes the charges for visa processing and approvals. Generally, the package includes the visa cost for the first time only.

Transportation Facilities in Mecca and Madinah

The packages include the cost of round transportation from the hotel to the Mosque and back to the hotel. The busses used are luxury coaches for the comfort of the travelers.

Ziyarat in Mecca and Madinah

The packages provide assistance or a guide to help the pilgrims visit all the holy places within Mecca and Madinah. The packages include the cost of the tour guide or assistance that would show them around.

Premium and Deluxe Hotels

Hajj tours or umrah packages book 3-star, 4-star and 5-star hotels closer to the mosque. The price of the package varies according to the type or hotel bookings being done. The hotel can be a choice of the traveler.

Meals and Laundry Services

The packages provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner, which is included in the cost of the package. In addition to this, the packages include services such as unlimited laundry services for the travelers. 

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Prophet Muhammad Preachings

Muslims pray to Allah in described messages, such messages are being sent by Allah through his messenger or prophets. Allah has been at different times sending different prophets on earth for preaching messages of Islam. Each and every Prophet was given a task and he was expected to fulfill the same and bestow nation with the same. Last Prophet that was sent on earth was, Prophet Muhammad. He was sent to Makkah and was asked to preach Islam across the world.

Preaching of Prophet Muhammad

Prophet Muhammad was sent on earth to deliver messages received from Holy Quran. He was also asked to set examples in front of people such that individuals can follow the same and practice it in their life. Apart from spreading message of Quran, Muhammad also enlightened people about the importance of performing hajj and Umrah travel. Both the travels are pilgrimage and every Muslim is expected to perform the same once during their life time. It is said that one performing the journey is able to seek blessings of Allah and gets the opportunity of living a good and happy life.

Plan a convenient Hajj and Umrah travel

Every year individuals in large numbers travel to the holy city of Hajj and Umrah. In order to make sure that each individual is able to complete the journey peacefully various travel agents make arrangements and package to suit the convenience of people. Hence travellers can choose amongst the most convenient Umrah packages UK or hajj packages and travel to the place of God with all the comfort. The choice of such packages makes the journey to pilgrimage easy and performable. 

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Plan a Holy Journey from UK to Mecca

A lot of Muslim devotees from UK travel to Mecca and Madinah to perform Hajj and Umrah. There are a lot of travel agencies in UK that offer affordable and customizable packages for Hajj and Umrah. From booking the best hotels to securing tickets, passport and visa, the travel agencies take care of the whole process of planning and execution of the holy journey.

Cheap Flights and Hotels

Hajj packages and Umrah packages from UK are available with cheap and affordable flight and hotel options. The packages are inclusive of booking of tickets from UK to Mecca or Madinah with the lowest possible charges for the flight as well as 3 star, 4 star and 5 star hotels bookings.You can choose from the options given to your to select the lowest cost of tickets and hotel rooms.Though cheap, the comfort and luxury is not compromised in any of the packages.

Best Low-Price Packages

The packages for the holy journey from UK to Mecca and Madinah are customizable. The best packages available can be altered as per the requirement. The cost of the package is calculated according to the number of people travelling, the number of rooms and type of rooms booked at the hotel, the transportation at the place of pilgrimage and additional services such as getting a passport and stamping of visa is included. These can be customized according the individual or the group of people that are travelling. Moreover, special services can also be requested for old and handicapped people.

Monday, December 25, 2017

How to Get The Best January Umrah Packages?

Umrah is a religious place which is quite populated because of the huge number of people travelling every year. The pilgrim can be performed any time of the year except during days of Hajj. Along with it, it is not obligatory on Muslims but performance of the same helps individuals seeks blessings from almighty.

Today, Muslims can perform the journey with utter convenience and this is because of the presence of various Umrah packages 2018.These packages are available with different travel agents which has facilities of hotels and flight included in it. One can choose from wide range of packages available. The choice can be made based on one’s convenience, budget or other key considerations which are important to them.

While booking a package it is important to pick up suitable month or time of the year which is perfect for travelling and enable you perform the journey comfortably. To ensure that one need not have to face much trouble while making bookings one should book January umrah packages well in advance. Planning in advance will not only enable an individual to book a package as per their requirement, but shall also let them get the best package at the most affordable price.

So, if you are planning to perform the pilgrimage in coming January start planning for it now and scroll through some of the packages available online and offline. While deciding on the packages you can even seek assistance of friends and family who have travelled to the place and has some knowledge about it.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

How to Select The Best Hajj Package?

Hajj is an essential pillar of Islamic religion which offers individuals with great opportunity to go close to Allah and seek forgiveness for their sins. After doing the pilgrimage one gets the chance of starting their life fresh and experience happiness throughout. However, to ensure that the journey is conducted successfully and with utter convenience it is recommended to choose Hajjtours.

There are various tour and travel companies across the world that is offering tours, however not all of them are appropriate or the best one to choose. To enable people choose the best from the lot one should keep in mind factors mentioned below.

Check out the services

Before opting for any travel agent make a point to check their services and also if they offer any bonus to the customers. By scrolling through the service one can get an exact idea and decide if they should choose the specific tour and travel or not.


Another important thing to keep in mind is the meals offered during the journey. A journey can only be comfortable when they are good and filing meals during the day. Considering the fact, before booking Umrah package UK or other packages make sure to find out what kind of meals are offered and if it is suitable your taste buds or not.


Every individual taking up the religious journey has set budget in their minds. To ensure that the travel fits in within their pocket, it is essential that you inquire about the pricing and other factors affecting the price. You can even discuss your budget with the travel agent and he shall brief you about the best package within your set budget.