Thursday, February 15, 2018

Prophet Muhammad Preachings

Muslims pray to Allah in described messages, such messages are being sent by Allah through his messenger or prophets. Allah has been at different times sending different prophets on earth for preaching messages of Islam. Each and every Prophet was given a task and he was expected to fulfill the same and bestow nation with the same. Last Prophet that was sent on earth was, Prophet Muhammad. He was sent to Makkah and was asked to preach Islam across the world.

Preaching of Prophet Muhammad

Prophet Muhammad was sent on earth to deliver messages received from Holy Quran. He was also asked to set examples in front of people such that individuals can follow the same and practice it in their life. Apart from spreading message of Quran, Muhammad also enlightened people about the importance of performing hajj and Umrah travel. Both the travels are pilgrimage and every Muslim is expected to perform the same once during their life time. It is said that one performing the journey is able to seek blessings of Allah and gets the opportunity of living a good and happy life.

Plan a convenient Hajj and Umrah travel

Every year individuals in large numbers travel to the holy city of Hajj and Umrah. In order to make sure that each individual is able to complete the journey peacefully various travel agents make arrangements and package to suit the convenience of people. Hence travellers can choose amongst the most convenient Umrah packages UK or hajj packages and travel to the place of God with all the comfort. The choice of such packages makes the journey to pilgrimage easy and performable. 

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  1. Yes, an important question that comes to my mind, Is it Compulsory to Visit Ziyarat of Makkah During Umrah? I think you have shared an energetic post and I hope you’ll remove this confusion by replying here.