Sunday, August 27, 2017

Reasons to perform Hajj

Hajj and Umrah is a sacred journey which is performed by every Muslim. Earlier traveling to Hajj and Umrah was difficult but now there are several travel agencies who offer customized packages to people to make their journey easy. Every Muslim who is financially stable and physically healthy must perform Hajj at least once in their lifetime. The Hajj journey is mandatory for every Muslim individual. If you are planning to travel, it is advisable to book your December Umrah packages now to avail the best of benefits. 

Before you plan your travel or get on with the sacred journey let’s get an insight into what are the reasons owing to which Hajj is performed;

1. Hajj reduces poverty. Prophet Muhammad has preached that if one performs Hajj and Umrah poverty and sins will be completely eradicated. Sins will be eliminated like how impurities from gold and silver get removed in a furnace. 

2. Eradication of sins: Hajj journey is not only an opportunity for supplication, it is also done for purification of one’s soul. It is believed that one who performs Hajj will be untangled from all his sins and he will be reborn as a new man with a pure heart. 

3. Hajj journey helps in utilization of ones’ youth. When one performs Hajj at a younger age, he will know the value and meaning of living. He will not try to commit any sort of mistakes or hurt others knowingly. It is favorable to perform Hajj at young age when your health condition is stable and journey can be performed conveniently by opting for any of the Hajj package 2018

4. You get to learn new things in life and they can be a guiding light. The best lesson one can learn in their Hajj journey is that all human beings are equal and no one is differentiated based on race, creed and wealth. 

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